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Give Employees the Confidence to Retire with Voyant

Voyant Usage Results

Increased financial planning solution efficiency helps BOI advisers bring value to their clients, which in turn increases client trust. BOI advisers who use Life Goals saw a significant increase in business over those who did not.

Voyant gives BOI the ability to:

Map their clients' goals and easily model paths to get there

Get their clients engaged with their financial future through easy visuals, thereby increasing client trust

Make strides in planning innovation while employing Life Goals' more intuitive, easy solutions

Keep the core values of their advising process through bespoke reports and a tailor-made user interface


Bank of Ireland is a premier commercial bank headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. BOI is one of Ireland's oldest banks, dating back to 1783, and is one of Ireland's "Big Four" banks, employing over ten thousand people and handling over 100 Billion Euros.

The Challenge

BOI's goals were twofold. On one hand, they wanted to significantly increase client trust. They aimed to tackle this by seeking out an advice-centric product that put their clients in the center of their advice process, affecting engagement and transparency. However, they also wanted their advisers to be able to easily navigate this product. Voyant collaborated with BOI as they prepared to create and launch Life Goals, a planning solution that is as client-focused as it is adviser-celebrated.

The Solution

Voyant knew Life Goals had to have full financial planning capabilities while mirroring BOI's brand with an easily recognizable and navigated UI.

Our design team created a custom interface integrating all of BOI's branding elements, such as custom icons, imagery, text, and more. We worked with BOI to generate bespoke reports that reflected their prioritized topics.

Voyant's engineers worked to ensure that Life Goals had complete functionality, allowing their advisers to build any scenario and truly guide their clients. Our DevOps team migrated BOI's information to their own instance in Amazon Web Services, providing flexibility and specialized storage for them.