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Voyant in Touch with its Users

October 2013

Financial planning technology specialist Voyant UK today announced the launch of its new 'touch-friendly' optimised user interface. With rapid growth in the tablet and 'touch-based systems' market, Voyant UK has worked with its 500+ user firms to develop a whole new user experience which delivers enhanced presentational capabilities and performance.

Bob Freeman, COO of Voyant UK explains: "As part of simplifying and expanding the user experience, we have increased the size of the controls and changed the usage pattern to fit touch-based systems. This is especially important as we prepare for the releases of Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion, as the blending of the tablet market and the personal computer market continues".

Voyant Adviser provides a collaborative financial planning presentation system, including cashflow, goal planning, estate planning, investment management, risk profiling and capacity for loss. Following rapid growth in the past few years, Voyant's solutions are increasingly being used as the preferred financial planning technology in the mass markets with larger 'enterprise' organisations.

One objective of the development project was to simplify the data entry process. This has been achieved by changing the default system preferences to the most common scenarios used by advisers, reducing the need to change advanced settings for the majority of client plans created. This makes it faster and easier than ever to create a robust individually-tailored client plan in a matter of minutes.

Voyant has won industry accolade in independent awards particularly because of its strength as a presentation system as much as a planning system. Educating clients and presenting information as clearly as possible remains an important objective for the firm across its product range. If an adviser is discussing a recommended asset allocation for a specific account, the presentation is now front and centre for presentation.

The launch of the new touch-based user interface also standardises the experience across all Voyant's solutions to provide a common experience for advisers using Voyant Adviser and Voyant Snapshot. All of the changes implemented are equally translated in the popular client-facing solution, Voyant@Home.

Based on current usage, Voyant estimates that over 750 million of client assets are advised on every month; modelled via the Voyant Adviser and Snapshot technology solutions.